Written plan paper (Marketing strategies)

The naming rights to Safeco Field are expiring after the 2018 baseball season (see article links below) and your group has been told to put together a plan that will convince your company’s Board of Directors (BOD) that this is a once-in-a-lifetime marketing (and business) opportunity that will: Position your company as a forward-thinking, community leader Expose your brand to a cross-section of demographic, geographic and lifestyle market segments Build engaging relationships Build positive associations through beloved events, experiences, traditions and memories-made at the stadium Drive sales for a new and existing business Corporate community engagement Influence consumer perceptions

Once you have selected your company, you will need to put together a marketing-based written plan that would be provided to your BOD.

* The company we selected is Amazon. The name is Amazon Park@ Prime Field. Please write a 2-3 pages paper about marketing strategies of Amazon:

Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies section details the methods that the company intends to use to meet their objectives. This section includes the “Four P’s” of marketing: product, promotion, price and place. The product section includes plans on branding, naming and augmenting the product. The promotion section lists the methods used to bring the product to the public’s attention. The price section analyzes various product price points. The place section details where and how the product will be distributed.

*For example: Amazon Web Services/ Amazon Alexa/ B2B marketing

Reference Materials

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