WK7 Operating Physical Security and Technology Centered Programs Paper

The Point Papers are assignments for you to discuss material you consider significant from the assigned weekly readings.

Primary reference book: McCrie, R. (2016). Training and Development for High Performance. Security Operations Management, 3rd ed.; Butterworth-Heinemann

In Chapter 10, McCrie points out that most of the costs of security operations are personnel costs created by security services. He adds that the contradiction is that the nature of management is to keep costs down, which isn’t always realistic. McCrie suggests that a way that security operating dollars can be made more effective is through the judicious use of physical security measures and electronic and computer-based technology to help prevent all types of losses.

McCrie: pp. 325-362 – Operating physical security and technology-centered programsTo understand the importance of physical securityTo understand how countermeasures are used to reduce lossTo understand why all systems need backup powerTo understand the pertinent features of access control systems