What is security management?

Security Management Develop a security incident response policy for the organization.Provide an evaluation and recommendation for tools and processes to help analyze and track security threats and incident responses for all 3 operating systems categories (UNIX, open source, and Windows).Provide an evaluation and recommendation for forensics tools and policies to use in response to security incidents for all 3 operating systems categories (UNIX, open source, and Windows). Security Cost/Benefit Analysis Provide a cost/benefit analysis for the tools and processes recommended throughout the Operating Systems Security Policies document versus the cost to the organization of security incidents.Add a long-term cost/benefit analysis that includes expected changes in the organization that might affect the costs and benefits of the recommended tools and processes. Operating Systems Security Policies document, final draft Review the entire document for any changes and improvements that you would like to make.Ensure that this final version of the plan is sufficiently detailed to allow the organization to confidently move forward with the implementation of the operating system security plan based on your recommendations.Any previous instructor feedback should be addressed with appropriate changes.

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