Week 8 Crisis Management Strategies Discussion

Chart 11.2 explains the strategy of crisis management. Review the chart and give examples of each strategy using your own examples or examples from recent world events.
In Chapter 11, the last of the textbook, McCrie saves the critical topic of leadership for the end. McCrie states that organizations require leadership in order to commence, grow, survive adverse circumstances and adjust to constant change. He adds that leaders can be entry-level workers, contract employees, full or part-time employees, managers and executives or members of the board. The chapter looks at leadership from the following four different perspectives. 1) the aspects of leadership that are supported by empirical research. 2) distinctive characteristics of security functions and how they differ from other management disciplines. 3) discrete tasks that a 21st century leaders of security programs may be engaged in. 4) the future of security operations as based on current trends.
McCrie: Chapter 11 – pp. 363-402 Global Leadership for Optimal Security Operations