Week 5 Car Rental My SQL Database Data Management Project Paper

1. Week 5 – Data Management Project: Physical Design

The final project requires a physical design of the database you have selected for your project (Car Rental MySQL Database. this assignment just builds on this project each week that you have submitted to me. i attached what you wrote week one, in case you need the previous weeks answer you submitted to me i can send you ) .

This database should be normalized in 3rd normal form. Write the CREATE TABLE statements for all the entities in the database you have been designing. Make sure to include the primary keys and foreign keys, plus the data types for each attribute. In addition, write INSERT statements to input 10 rows of data into at least one of your tables. Please make sure your physical data model is included with the submission.

2. Week 5 – Data Management Research Paper

Your research paper, based on the topic you selected in week 3 ( topic: Mining Social Media Data attached below). Submit a research paper regarding an aspect of data management. Use this website to help with APA formatting. Here is a sample paper in APA format.


The paper must concentrate on a topic chosen in week 3 ( Mining Social Media Data) . APA 6.0 format should be followed in regard to the completion of this paper. That means there must be a title page and a separate reference page. The paper must be double spaced using Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Not counting the title and reference pages, the body of the research paper should be 5 – 7 pages. A minimum of three references should be cited in the body of the paper and shown on the reference page.

assignment will be graded according to Data Management Research Paper Rubric (attached below)

Resources:Google Scholar