W1 1st Response to Yasmine: Security Management

Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

Yasmine Sonbol
Unit 1, Discussion Board 2
Intro to Private Security, Leadership, and Management.

The Development of Evolution of Private Security in the U.S. and it’s role in the criminal justice field.

Have you ever just sat and wondered exactly where the stem of body guards came from well the initial form of Private Security took place in the king and queen times. The king’s guardsmen and soldiers are exactly where the private security idea stemmed from. As wars began to appear so did the many opportunities for various forms of security.

Nearly 200 years ago, the London Metropolitan Police Force was created to establish and minimize peace within their issues within their communities. The police force, FBI, CIA, and many other branches of the government security. Although the government had created a security system the could not manage it alone; so this is where public and private partnerships emerged and brought forth a new organization in which they would handle minor incidents pertaining to the public needs. These newly formed partnerships created security assessments and operations in which they provided for companies. Creating many jobs and launching the necessary training for security guards.

After 9/11 our country was shook and lost a sense of security. With the insecurity sweeping our nation; a massive amount of security based job positions were being filled rapidly. An abundant of companies invested in private security to produce the business with a feeling of being safe. A sense of safety within the country was and is an essential part of why the industry was rising in security positions.The private security industry just kept growing rapidly this lead to a current worth of $350 billion industry with over a million workers. As the technology keeps developing so does the demands of security based positions.

In my personal opinion, I believe that the collaboration between public and private organizations is a splendid idea. This idea fueled more than one million jobs and created a safety net for the American people. After 9/11 we no longer felt safe in our home. A sense of violation was created right along with a tremendous amount of lost of our loved ones. A great sting had been done to our pride, our home, and it was a major wake up call for the American people. As Americans we long for a sense of a safe home; not just for us but for our children.


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