Virtualization: Blessing or Curse?, article assignment help

In this assignment, you will review and analyze the paper Virtualization: Blessing or

Curse?” and share your thoughts on the ideas or claims mentioned in the paper

What is expected

(a). I have attached two papers. The first paper is titled”virtualization overview” and the second paper is titled “Virtualization: Blessing or Curse?”. Please review both the papers.

(b).The first paper gives you the necessary background on virtualization. The second paper is the one you should specifically focus on for this assignment. Precisely, you need to review the second paper and write-up a report highlighting and explaining the major points that you understood from the paper and any take-home messages and whether you agree/disagree with them.

(c). It is understood that reading a technical paper can sometimes be difficult and time consuming, but it will definitely be a rewarding experience. I have posted an article on Canvas that gives you some tips on how to read a paper effectively. In most cases, you definitely need to read the paper more than once to fully understand it. When you are reading the paper for the first time, keep it quick and get an overall idea about the topics discussed. As you read, take notes on what you understand, what needs clarification and what you should look up. Also have a list of questions or discussion points. Refine your list through several readings of the paper. After several iterations, you may start on your write-up.

Deliverables Please write a 2-pages report that includes: A summary of the key points that you understood from the paper, Your personal opinion on the main points mentioned in the paper that you agree with and why,Any points mentioned in the paper that you do not agree with and incorporate your analysis on why you disagree on those point(s).

2. Please upload your report (as a single word and pdf file).