Unmanned systems

Part 1

Make an online inquiry and search the Internet for your favorite unmanned system.

Prepare a short presentation (any type – Pecha Kucha is not necessary) about the essential technical characteristics, possible missions, and the pros and cons for the chosen system in comparison to other available systems. Furthermore, please consider the question, what commonalities and differences exist between the chosen unmanned system and a manned system, that could be used for the same kind of operation?

Part 2

Discussion: Basis for the Legal Framework

With reference to your presentation of your Favorite Unmanned System, answer the following questions about your chosen system from the previous activity:

1.  What factors (human, technical, or other) need to be considered to create and/or justify a legal basis (requirements, limitations, or restrictions) for these applications for your system?

2.  Do you think that legal norms for manned systems should be applicable for unmanned systems in the same way, or do you see the possibilities or even a necessity for deviations?

 If you like, you can make comparisons to a manned application