University of the Cumberlands Enterprise Risk Management Solution PPT

Project Instructions –

I’m hired as consultant to present an ERM solution for an organisation.

My concept – Disaster Risk Reduction Management Plan Enterprise Risk Management For Government Enterprise Risk Management For Financial Institutions Information Security Risk Management IT Vendor Risk Management Event Safety Risk Management Student Event Risk Management Project Risk Management

Choose any one of the above topic or any other topic which ever you feel easy to do. But the topic must be about the ERM solution for an organisation.

I need to provide a writeup and oral presentation of my ERM solution as if i were meeting with the CEO and board members.


Must be an APA Style

Paper format – ERM Proposal

Must Have at least 6 works cited

4 works must be peer reviewed works/articles

Must be atleast 1500 words

Resources must be published in last 3 years

A PPT is required along with the paper.