University of The Cumberlands Enterprise Risk Management Discussion

Be a scholarly submissionInclude a title pageTimes New Roman font, 1-inch margin, and double-spacedBe at least two pages in lengthShould not consist of any bullet-pointsHave a reference page with at least three academic referencesYou CANNOT use Wikipedia, LinkedIn articles, blogs, paid vendors, certification websites, or similar sources in academic writing. You CAN use reputable industry articles from publications similar to ComputerWeekly, PCMag, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, or similar sources. Academic journals and popular industry articles are accessible in the university’s library databases and Google Scholar. All references should not have a publication date older than 2005.Be written in a clear and concise mannerContains contractual phrases, as an example “shouldn’t” “couldn’t” or “didn’t,” or similarUses vague words such as “proper,” “appropriate,” “adequate,” or similar to describe a process, function, or a procedure.As an example, “proper incident response plan,” “appropriate IT professional,” “adequate security,” or similar. These words are subjective because they have a different meaning to different individuals.Does not adhere to the University’s academic dishonesty and plagiarism policies.