Unit 2 Assignment 2 Project Management Techniques Health Information Management Systems


Assignment Purpose:

To apply project management techniques

Assignment Description

The factors for planning a successful EHR implementation are below including each activity’s duration and predecessor(s):

1. Create the PERT chart for this implementation

2. Indicate the critical path on the PERT chart

3. Design the GANTT chart for this implementation

     Activity                                                                 Duration (days)       Predecessor

A Create the EHR vision                                                       5                                 –

B Identify the planning   horizon                                       10                               A

C Obtain buy-in from   affected parties                            30                               B

D Develop a financing   and acquisition strategy           10                               C

E Develop functional,   data, and technical strategies  45                                C

F Conduct vendor   selection                                              45                               D, E

G Plan the EHR   implementation                                     15                               C, E, F

H Conduct benefits   realization study                              10                               A-G