Unit 2 Assignment 1 Change Management Key Assessment LO#5 Health Information Management Systems


Assignment Purpose:

To interpret concepts of change management theories, techniques and leadership

Assignment Description

Scenario: You are the HIM Director for a multi-facility healthcare system. You have just been informed, that the facility has decided to change their abstracting and encoding system to a newer system which will include registry and quality data reporting capabilities. This will be a major change for the current coders and abstractors, as the roles will now be combined instead of separate role. It may mean that some current employees may no longer be qualified for their current position. It may also mean that the workload for the current employees may increase. You think that I may be a good idea to provide some change management training to your managers and supervisors to help employees through this transition.

Step One: Create an outline of the training that you will provide on change management. Include change management theories, change management techniques, reactions to change, and how to effect change. (NOTE: Be sure this is in an outline form. Don’t write a paper)

Step Two: Create a brochure, handout, or flyer that you can pass out during the training session that your managers and supervisors can take with them to refer to later. Include the high-points of your training.

Step Three: Develop a paragraph summary (about 300 words) explaining how effective change management can ensure efficient workflow and appropriate outcomes.

Step Four: Submit your outline, handout, and summary for grading.