UI Design Data Management Use Case Realization Detailed Design

1.UI Design (30 marks)

Design a set of GUI interfaces (a set may consist of one element) that support the functional requirements and workflow identified for the use case you described in Assignment 2*.

Document your design with a set of annotated ‘story boards’ that show the graphical elements of your design.

2.Data Management (20 marks)

Design data access objects (DAOs) to support the data requirements of the use case you described in Assignment 3* and document your design with a detailed class diagram showing all attributes and methods required by the DAOs.

3.Use Case Realization (30 marks)

Produce a detailed sequence diagram consistent with the normal flow detailed in the full use case description* that shows the interactions between boundary classes that support your GUI design, internal elements that control and support the use case (ie implement business logic), and the data access objects you have just designed.

4.Detailed Design (20 marks)

Produce a detailed design class diagram (DCD) for the collaboration of objects involved in the use case that shows all the attributes and methods required to support the use case.

*Note: you may only use your own use case description from Assignment 2 if you received a mark of Credit level for the use case description section in that Assignment. Otherwise, you must re-do the use case description and get it checked with the teacher.