Types of Outsourcing and IT Security Requirements Paper

Some information technology (IT) security requirements are almost considered commodities. Their support is handled in standard ways. Virus updating and e-mail support are examples, and the support for these services is often a candidate for outsourced work. In addition to justifying outsourced work, the type of outsourcing, (e.g., on-site or off-shore) must be studied.Identify 3 types of outsourcing that are often used within IT.For each, provide an example of IT work with rationalization of trade-offs by listing pros and cons.State a general summary of the proposed use of outsourcing in IT for the project.Compare and contrast role differences in the IT organization between an in-house strategy and an outsourced strategy for IT services.Some roles, such as development and support service needs, may become unncessary, but new roles may arise with needs to plan, manage, and monitor outsourced work.Identify role changes with regard to impacts from outsourcing.Predict the business impact from each change.