Three levels of products

Your task is to discuss the three levels of a product presented below (there are several components in each level) for the following service and for the following product.

The service is the NYC Metrocard which is used to ride NYC buses and NYC subway trains provided by the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

The product that I want you to consider is more personal, it is the most recent cellphone that you have purchased. Be sure to provide as many details as possible in the discussion of your cellphone when identifying and enumerating the “CORE PRODUCT BENEFIT”, THE ACTUAL PRODUCT, AND THE AUGMENTED PRODUCT. Be sure to distinguish between them.

I am confident that you all own a cellphone and can easily reflect on the purchase decision making process that you had embarked upon when you made the purchase of your current cellphone, but do not forget to include the costs you bear for that phone. If you think you received a “free” phone from your telecommunications provider, think again. You are paying a monthly fee for the use of the phone and probably several additional charges imposed by the regulatory bodies, state government taxes and more. In addition, discuss whether there were any unexpected benefits that you have experienced since that purchase was made. Similarly, you are asked to consider and discuss the components of the Augmented Product that are identified in the image presented here and discuss whether any part of your cellphone purchase experience will factor into your search and selection of your next cellphone.

Finally, would your written assessment of these three product factors (and related sub-factors) be of benefit to the research and development teams of your cellphone manufacturer, and would your remarks influence a marketing and sales team responsible for promoting the selection of your current and future cellphones?