this essay is about individual case study on MacDonald’s for a business policy class.

Individual case analyses should be written in essay style (Times New Roman, 12 pt font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins) and should not exceed three pages of material. These assignments should be submitted through designated links provided on BB before the start of the class on the day the case is assigned for discussion.

For each case analysis, you should answer the following questions about the focal company in the case by applying relevant concepts or frameworks that have been covered in class till date:

(a) What factors have enabled the company to deliver strong performance in the past?

(b) What are some of the important issues confronting this company and what external developments and internal actions might have caused these issues?

(c) If you were taking over as CEO of the company at the end of case, what courses of action would you pursue to address these issues? Explain how you would implement these, how they would address each issue, and what potential risks may exist.

attached are some pictures from the case to help me write my essay i attached parts and bits because it wont let me upload alot of pics