The Role of Page Layout feedback to peers work

Confirm their understanding of page layout and its value. Talk about any experience you have personally had with page layout or how you might have benefited from understanding the role of InDesign when creating work in the past. Offer explanations to additional features and benefits  to using the InDesign application that you have learned through your readings and Learning Activities.

Challenge any uses of the InDesign page proffered by your peers that you believe are not reasonable, or accurate, uses of the application features.


Misty Pate

I do not personally have any experience with InDesign so all of my knowledge comes from learning activities and research. InDesign is an app created for page layout and design. Most professional designers utilize InDesign as the last step to their creative process so that they offer nice, clean, and crisp final layouts. Photoshop and Illustrator can be used for page layout but it doesn’t offer the same benefits and perks that InDesign offers. Some of the perks that InDesign offer are the use of master pages, it can define page numbers, it allows you to work on multiple pages at once, and it gives you a system to put together your frames and view what the final product will look like.

            I thought I would explain a few of the biggest features individually for some people that may not be familiar with layouts. Master pages are pages you can preset to have headers, footers, page numbers, or background images throughout your entire print. They can contain any type of design and print and it makes it easier to have a uniform design when printing newsletters or books. Being able to define page number is essential when creating the layout for a book or newsletter. Instead of having to manually input your page numbers, InDesign will properly number them for you. The ability to work on multiple pages at once will also assist you more in brochures, newsletters, or book layouts. It’s going to let you see the side by side product so you can properly line up your images and / or texts.

 While it does have minor shape tools that you can use to add extremely basic elements to the design it isn’t a program created to make a professional design. You will always want to utilize Photoshop and Illustrator over InDesign for creating your designs.

            Photoshop and Illustrator both will offer you more detailed shape designs, filters, image alteration tools, and better tools to assist in making designs from scratch. These are things that you will not be able to successfully do with InDesign. So the best piece of advice I found across all of my research is to produce high quality professional designs it’s best to utilize all of your design programs and tools. They all were created for a specific reason and have things that they are specialized for.

            I am willing and excited to read what other people have to offer on this program and even more excited to get to use it for our designs.