The Learning Organization

The Learning Organization

After having examined the various tools and methodologies used in quality management, we now take a look at the context that is require to implement these tools. Specifically, we study change, its components, its facilitation, what can impede it and what is required to lead and manage it; then we examine the concept of the learning organization, and how to create and encourage collective learning for continuous improvement. We will study the required business context of organizational learning, as well as some of the theories behind the concept.

Reading (see all attached as pdf.) Quality Management (Knowles) Ch 13 p 150-166, Ch 15 p 177-185

Leading Learning Organizations (Senge) –

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Supplemental Reading:

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Wonacott, Michael E. The learning organization: theory and practice



Some people say that the expectation of conformity implied in organizational learning is a threat to the free will of individuals. Do you agree? Should managers favor organizational learning or individual learning for their employees?

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How can your organization (any organization you are a part of – professional, volunteer, etc; if you are not part of an organization, use University of the People) benefit from organizational learning? How would you implement it?

Your answer should reflect your personal experience and should be thoughtful and introspective.

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