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We will be discussing hidden biases and how they are still prevalent in the workplace today. We will speak on the ways in which companies are now acknowledging hidden biases within their employees and how they are taking the necessary steps to help eliminate them. Additionally, we plan on highlighting the ways in which employers are helping to get rid of biases that affect hiring decisions and promotions within their company. Our questions will help students realize that they may harbor their own hidden biases and how they may have experienced bias in the workplace. Furthermore, students will brainstorm on ways in which HR professionals and employers can help eliminate hidden bias in the workplace.

QuestionsDo you feel that you or someone you know has ever experienced hidden bias in the work place or even during the recruiting and hiring process? Explain. Give examples.Do you believe that the beauty bias exists?Have you ever seen either beauty bias or similar-to-me bias is the work place? Explain.Might it also exist in reverse? Support your answers.Discussing the halo effect or cognitive bias, what can an interviewer do to be conscious of their bias during the hiring process? What are some ways that employers and employees can help eliminate hidden biases in the workplace?Assignment must be 1 1/2 pages must include 2 references and in-text citations.