Synthesis Paper

Synthesis Paper: Diary

Keep a weekly diary. Each week you should post on how you are making a social impact. Include the following topics: (1) What you are doing on campus and in your personal life to make a difference, (2) track your environmental “footprint” by discussing your weekly gasoline and energy use, purchases and shopping, water use, and how much trash you throw out (are you being environmentally responsible?), (3) your thoughts on shopping your conscience/politics – discuss the product you are boycotting and the product you are supporting and why, (4) your thoughts on civility and how you practice it in your daily life, and (5) at the end of the semester and diary, submit an accompanying three-page paper on whether you feel your lifestyle is making a social impact. Why/why not? Give examples from the diary and semester. What did you learn from the assignment?


Write at least 3 papers, double spaced, Apa format.

Please avoid plagiarism, and make it original.