Subject : Employee Engagement and Organisational Learning, business and finance homework help

Assignment Task You have been asked to explain to the HR Director the relevance of knowledge management to HR, focusing in particular on what HR might do to facilitate knowledge management and organizational learning.

In order to prepare for this assignment, you need to do some research, looking up recent research-based papers on the topic. Just to make sure you know what you are going to say, you have decided to write a short paper summarizing the key issues.

Please write and submit this paper (2000 words, excluding references) for your assignment. The assessment criteria are on page 4. It is to be written individually and shall make up 50 % of your final mark.


• Cover
o Write the module title/KU number/word count Contents list Introduction Analysis (Main Part)

o It is up to you if you want to create subsections

• Conclusions

• References

*** Please put page numbers & number any diagrams/figures


A paragraph – a small introduction to the topic
 Mention WHAT you are going to show
o This essay deals with/ This assignment will examine

 HOW you are going to do this (plan)

o This essay is divided into 2/3/4 sections.
o It will first consider… It will then go on to describe… o Finally some conclusions will be drawn

Main part (Analysis) – What do we mean by “knowledge management” and “organizational learning”? – Why might they be relevant for organizations? – Why should HR facilitate them? – What kinds of actions can facilitate them? – What might HR do to facilitate them? Conclusion

• Recap your main idea in a clear, summarizing manner
o You want the reader to understand the message you intended to communicate o Keep it short
o Do not introduce any new ideas

References Focus on the quality of your references (academic papers, books) You can also use the extra material from StudySpace and the papers used for each

Indicate the word count on the front cover sheet.

ESSAY SUBMISSION PREPARATION: In order to be considered for assessment by the lecturer, the essays have to comply with specific regulations regarding format, style, length, and content. The essays must be submitted in Microsoft Word and must be formatted in Times New Roman 12, 1 1⁄2 spaced, and have margins of at least 2.54 cm on each side. Please use the Harvard style for your referencing. You can exceed the stated word count of 2,000 words by 10%. All body text, including footnotes or endnotes, citations, and sub-titles are included in the word count. Bibliography and appendices are excluded from the word count. Tables, diagrams and other illustration are also excluded from the word count but their number should not exceed two per paper, and students are expected to provide detailed descriptions of the illustrations in the main text of the essay (failing to justify the purpose of the illustrations will be judged superfluous or counterproductive). The required minimum word count is 1,800. If no extension has been granted and a piece of coursework is submitted after the submission deadline, up to 5 working days late, it will receive a maximum mark of 40%. Those later than 5 working days will receive zero. Coursework for which an extension has not been agreed and no mitigating circumstances which is submitted later than 5 working days after the submission date will normally receive a mark of 0%. Markingcriteria(seeattached).