Strategic Management and Business Policy Evaluation and Control Essay

Choose and read a recent article of your choice related to the course on hand and summarize it in 1000 words.

Evaluation and control

Assignment Guidance

Where to find the article?

The full-text copy of the article can be located on-line via the UBT Digital Library.

What does an article review entail?

Your review should Summarize the main profile of the article


The theme font is Times New Roman

The size is 12

What is expected of you?

Your review should be able to demonstrate that: You are able to clearly convey your thoughts and opinions in writing. (To do so, you ought to pay attention to proper spelling, word choice, grammar and clarity of expression.) You are able to logically structure your presentation. (To do so, you may use the points identified in “What does an article review entail?” as a guideline and may divide your presentation into sections addressing specific points.) You can properly reference the sources you cite. (To do so, you must appropriately reference all sources that you use in your assignment, including the reviewed article.)

Aims and Learning Objectives

The assignment is designed to help you Develop competency in summarizing and critically examining the article.

Assessment Criteria

Students are expected to demonstrate: the knowledge and understanding of the materials; the ability to clearly articulate and communicate their own ideas and opinions in writing, to develop arguments, and to structure a written presentation in a logical and coherent manner;