speech assignment


Watch the clip on ‘The Linguists”






Assignment #8 Post a response to your Group Discussion Board regarding The Linguists clip.   

You are required to watch the clips about endangered languages (URL under required readings 

and assignments above.)

Watch each of the three clips carefully. Afterwards, post a response. This week, the blog is named 

“Endangered Languages.” Ensure your response includes plenty of details to demonstrate you did 

in fact watch the clips. Vague and abstract answers with few examples or details will result in a 

loss of points. 

Your response should include the answers to the following:

Why do you think this language is dying?

   Does it matter? Why or why not?

   Should/how can we save them?

Prior to posting, refer to the syllabus/assignment packet for requirements on response 


After reading all of these directions, go ahead and post your response to this week’s assigned