Small Adjustments for my final project

I am attaching the work that has been completed through today including the rough draft. I am also attaching a sample of that the project could look like. the original requirements are as follows:

This final course project is to develop an individual project plan that focuses on the database aspects of the project development lifecycle. All design, research, and work by each student will be original work in the design and creation of a new database. Students will become familiar with data management, database modeling and design, and skills to develop a final project plan. A minimum of 3 resources should be used. These requirements include the following:

Requirements Analysis –BackgroundPurposeBusiness goals and rulesUser requirementsData requirementsReporting requirementsProject schedule and project costsData model – In physical design format original student designData dictionary for all tables in data modelSQL statements:CREATE TABLE statements (for entities (tables defined in model)Minimum of two SELECT statementsAt least one insert, update, or delete statement.Identify the database management system (DBMS) that will be used for the database designCreate a basic database back-up and recovery plan

Please adjust the final project to accomidate the professors comments. The professors comments are as follows:

Customer entity:

** CustomerName: If you are storing first and last name, I would double the size of that attribute

** CustomerAddress: Increase size

** CustomerPhoneNumber, CustomerSex: char datatype

Product entity:

** ProductName: Increase size

Employee entity:

** EmployeeName: If you are storing first and last name, I would double the size of the attribute

**EmployeeID: integer datatype

** EmployeeAddress: Increase size

Manager entity:

** ManagerName: If you are storing first and last name, I would double the size of the entity

** ManagerPhoneNumber: char datatype

** ManagerAge: I would change to ManagerBirthDate and store as a date field.

** ManagerAddress: Increase size

Department entity:

** Need managerID as foreign key.

** Descriptions need to be updated for Department entity

Orders entity:

** Relationship needs to be drawn to the Employee entity