Significance of Film Form in Everything, Everything Movie Discussion

I have a first draft but it needs to be altered. Add, Fix and Proofread a Report about film form in movie x ( I will tell you which movie when accepted). The Keywords in the film are the (Implicit meaning, Explicit meaning, Symptomatic meaning, Referential meaning and Interpretations)

I will attach images of the text that you have to read to understand those keywords and add them in the report. (When accepted.)

Format of the paper: 1. Introduction: In two sentences or less state the film and chapter and give a brief synopsis of film. 2. Thesis: State clearly what you are reviewing for the paper. Do this by listing the keywords, in one or two sentences. In this paper I will review the use of these ___, _____, (elements) and ….etc. 3. Argument and specific examples: Define: 3-5 keywords (using references with in-text references). Then use examples from the film that illustrate the keywords. a. Discuss how the element is used to tell the film’s story. Discuss 5 keywords and techniques with examples. b. Compare and contrast with another technique that could have been used. For example, the editor chose to use parallelism edits because the edit effectively links similar themes at two separate locations. Or the purpose for using this kind of an edit is to do ……. (etc.) e. No papers should use the opinions of the student to support their findings. No paper should use only outside resources to support their findings. It is required that the paper use at least the TEXT IMAGES I WILL ATTACH WHEN ACCEPTED keywords to discuss the examples. 4. Conclusion: Briefly review your discussion in the body of the paper. Here you can briefly add your opinion or another expert’s opinion to confirm your findings or to make a statement about the film. 5. Reference: Quotes taken from the text, other sources, any use of any quotation marks, any summarization you make from any source should be referenced by in-text citations and added to the reference page. Failure to do this will cause the paper to not be accepted.