Short assignment

Need help with short assignment. Please use some class resources but feel free to use others if needed.

The Director of the L&D (Learning and Development) department of your organization read a recent article about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Deep Learning. He left a voicemail for you two days ago asking whether you, as Chief Knowledge Officer, were doing anything related to these topics because, in his words, “we don’t want to be left behind.”

What’s your 500 word maximum response?

You don’t need to know a lot about AI or deep learning. Assume it’s just the next big thing everyone is talking about as if it was going to transform everything.

Class resources:

Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, EnglandChapter 8 Knowledge Management Tools

Alavi, M. & Leidner, E. (2001), Knowledge management and knowledge management systems: conceptual foundations and research issues. MIS Quarterly, 25(1), 107- 136

Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Manual

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Apps