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Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 5, Question 5-28 (Links to an external site.) Data Flow Diagrams-One Level 1 Diagram from Petrie’s Electronics Case, Chapter 6DATA FLOW DIAGRAM PROBLEM TO COMPLETE

Complete the data flow diagram (DFD) using the Level 0 diagram, PE Figure 6-2 on page 193. You will need to only create a Level 1 diagram for the record activity process.

Please note the textbook has an error, PE Figure 6-2. The diagram is labeled as Level 1 DFD, but it is actually the Level 0 diagram decomposed from the context diagram, PE Figure 6-1.

You can use MS Visio 2013 or any other MS Office Application (most students use Visio or Word).

Note: There are four processes on the Level 0 diagram. You only are to complete the Record Activity Process. Here is an example of the Send Promotions Process:

HOW TO CREATE A DATA FLOW DIAGRAM USING MICROSOFT VISIO 2013Start Visio.Select template software.Select data flow model diagram.Now have gour Gane and Sarson shapes.Left click and drag shape you want to design layout.