Review the case: Coca-Cola India.

Review the case: Coca-Cola India.

Review the case and provide an analysis of the case using the following case questions prompts for guidance. Your work should be formatted in the APA style and you must provide at least 5 references to support your work. Make sure that you use headings in your paper. Also, work will be reviewed for plagiarism. Make sure that all necessary content is cited properly.

A good response is: Answer; why have you answered in this manner; support your response with a reference.

To answer the questions, you need to analyze the company, industry and external market issues. Identify issues, explain why it is an issue, explain your response, why did you respond as you did, and support your response with an external reference. Analyze the Coca-Cola brand and the key factors that have contributed to is success in India.How did Coca-Cola create value among its customers? How has Coca-Cola’s understanding of customer behavior shaped its marketing strategies?Research “Aker’s brand equity model” and apply it to Coca-Cola India. What steps can the company take to sustain and grow its brand loyalty?Which categories should Coca-Cola consider entering into or expanding within to become a total beverage company, and why?Which of the international brands should Coca-Cola launch in India, and which brands can be leveraged with brand extensions?

Case Grading Rubric





Analytical and Logical Thinking


Demonstrate the ability to apply analytical and logical thinking to gathering and analyzing data using a logical and systematic process.

Critical Thinking

15It is the ability to think clearly and rationally. It includes the ability to engage in reflective and independent thinking. Critical thinking tenets are as follow:

·Understand the logical connections between ideas

·Identify, construct and evaluate arguments

·Detect inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning

·Solve problem systematically

·Identify the relevance and importance of ideas

Reflect on the justification of one’s own beliefs and values

Integrative and Problem Solving

20·Integrative: connecting skills and knowledge from multiple sources and experiences as related to your topic utilizing diverse and event contradictory viewpoints.

·Problem-solving- There are 4 basic steps:

1. Defining the problem

2. Generating alternative

3. Evaluating and Selecting alternatives

4. Implementing solution

Structure and Mechanics


Ensure that your paper is well written. Did the paper have proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation? Did your paper comply with APA formatting and flow accordingly? Did you cite references correctly?