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2.Choose one job performance predictor discussed in Chapter 9 , and analyze its practical significance.

Reference checks and background checks is one of topics discussed in chapter 9 in regards to job performance predictors. I think a lot of times the importance of reference checks and background checks are overlooked or not given the significance that it deserves. Before reading this chapter I really didn’t understand all that it takes to perform a successful reference/ back ground checks. A potential employer can find out a lot about a candidate, just by performing this reference check. While background checks are more important if certain positons such as the health care industry or when working with kids, I think it is important for all employers to perform them. “First and foremost, in a more competitive job market, individuals are more apt to embellish or hide certain aspects of their histories in order to appear more attractive to recruiters. While some of these actions are fairly obvious to the trained recruiter, not all will be easy to spot until the background check takes place. A background check should include all of these elements:

◦Work history and educational verification prior to interviews taking place

◦Drug test conducted by a third-party administrator before a formal job offer made

◦Criminal background check to include the required level of clearance (civilian vs. government)” (Greenberg, 2013).

With the advancement of technology there is more than one way to conduct a reference check. Collecting this data can be done via telephone, in person, e-mail, fax, mail, or the internet. Verifying this information validates whether or not the applicant was forthcoming and truthful with the information listed on the application and also helps predict how successful they might be in the role based on the data that has been collected. The few times I have applied for jobs and was told they were going to do a background check on me I thought to myself “oh, I don’t have a criminal record so I know it will check out”, not realizing there is literally so much more to it than just that.


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