Report on domestic violence explaining and identifying characteristics and the cycle of abuse, law homework help

Please in 300-400 words a report format of this assignment. Please also include a minimum of two sources using APA format. Your probation officer supervisor, Sarah Harris, explains to you that a majority of her caseload involves adults with substance abuse and domestic violence issues. You will need to prepare a report for her defining domestic violence. The following should be included in your report:Define domestic violence.Identify and explain the characteristics of the abuser and the victim.Explain the cycle of abuse in domestic violence situations.tension buildingexplosion/incident making up/calmDescribe 1 treatment theory from any one of the helping professions that is used in a domestic violence situation.Address how substance abuse may or may not impact a domestic violence relationship and the cycle of abuse.

This assignment is in the form of a report; be creative with the format. Cite sources using APA style format, and include a reference section at the end of your submission.