PSUPSMC Monitoring & Controlling Strategic Plans Discussion

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At the beginning of this class, I indicated that The Salvation Army had a strategic plan but it was not implemented to its fullest scope. In fact, the strategic plan was only ever updated at a funders request. While 8 weeks later we are still at the same injunction, I have personally learned a great deal about the strategic planning process and how it can be developed, implemented and executed as to move our mission forward. Some of my key takeaways from this course include: External Analysis Tools- As I have indicated previously, The Salvation Army is familiar with implementing the internal SWOT analysis tool during program evaluations. External analysis however, is something that is never really considered. I found the PEST analysis particularly intriguing as this is a low-cost and fairly easy to use tool that I can easily see being incorporated into our program evaluations and eventually, a new strategic plan. Monitoring & Controlling Strategic Plans- I found module 8 particularly informative, as it seems The Salvation Army never moves forward from the development stage. Updating a strategic plan at a funders request is clearly not considered “monitoring or controlling.”. Understanding this portion of the strategic process is key as no matter how much planning or analysis tools are used to predict risks, not every aspect of the plan will go as planned. Navigating those risks is crucial to ensuring the vision, mission, objectives, goals and programming are carried out accordingly.