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Students will conduct an analysis on the current state of the compensation system and address the current pay structure used. Reference should be made to job-based and person-based structure. Analysis should reference sources of information for job analysis, job evaluation, pay design, and pay levels.

The body of the paper will be 4-5 pages. This does not include extraneous pages like title page, reference page, appendices. APA formatting standards are required. A minimum of 5 scholarly resources need to be used. Course materials and personal experience do not count. A formal third person tone is required.

Supplemental information (e.g. worksheets that are currently being used) can be presented in Appendices but do not count toward the body of the paper.

Note: This is an analysis of current standing. Keep in mind however, if an organization doesn’t have a set structure, the paper doesn’t end at that point. Student needs to include a discussion of the different methods that could be used.

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Criteria: Excellent – Addresses specifics of assignment demonstrating critical thinking abilities by synthesizing research. A minimum of 5 scholarly outside sources used.

APA Formatting:All aspects of APA formatting followed.

Grammar, Spelling, Tone:Professional 3rd person perspective used with no spelling/grammar errors.

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Google’s Organizational Culture






Google’s Organizational Culture

Google is a company that makes decisions in teams. An effective organizational structure prompts a company to success. The culture in Google supports excellence in the field of innovation. However, the organizational structure of Google is not typical because of direct social links and emphasis of change. The chances of success are facilitated by a good alignment of culture and structure within an organization. The management of Google has used the technique of aligning culture and structure in aiming at the success of the company. The dominant positions in Google are synergistically positioned to the benefits of the company’s structure and culture (Subhadra). Companies use different organizational structures, but Google has a cross-functional form of organizational structure that is a matrix with considerable flatness degrees. The major features of Google’s organizational structure are: FlatnessProduct-oriented definitionFunction-based definition

Google’s Organizational Culture is Consistent with its Vision and Corporate Strategies.

Google’s consistency in the market towards achieving its corporate strategies has been enhanced by staying focused on the set objectives. The major service provided by Google is has been a search engine for information. Apart from providing information, the company has facilitated communication through the Gmail platform. The creation of a brand name that markets the company is the key to success. Google uses the search engine in making their customers satisfied and able to get the required content. The visitors to the site have also been sellers and buyers of content. Through the content search objective, people have sold and bought a lot of content through the Google platform. It has facilitated business and created opportunities for content writers to sell their articles and research materials (Büschgens, Bausch, & Balkin). The vision statement of Google is, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Since incorporation, Google has aimed at focusing on developing the proprietary algorithms in the maximization of the effectiveness of its products. The best product of Google is its search engine. It has been used by many scholars and researchers for doing research and finding information. Despite Google benefiting from the on-site headquarters, the intangible brings more success to the company. Google has turned to be the paragon of every other company among all industries. The company’s vision has three major variables that are “world’s information, accessibility, and one click.” The search engine fulfills the accessibility variable, and on the search engine, the databases are regularly updated to offer the latest forms of information under the click of a search button. The maintenance of its databases with updates on information has helped the company consistent in the market. Other cultures that have maintained the consistency of Google’s culture include the hiring of the best and brightest candidates in the job market, making the human resource work as a science, and creating a casual working atmosphere.


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