Principles of Management

Just answer the multiple choices

QUESTION 1 All of the following are essential managerial functions EXCEPT:






QUESTION 2 An insurance executive who promises a Disney World vacation for the top producers at the end of the year is relying on which of the five bases of power?






QUESTION 3 Which of the following groups of people is not increasing as a percentage of the total workforce in the United States?



White males



QUESTION 4 Which of the following is NOT a benefit of valuing diversity?

Access to more perspectives on a problem

Greater homogeneity

Richer ideas

Less interpersonal conflict

Fresh perspectives

QUESTION 5 The global economy, generally speaking, has raised___________ and lowered ____________.

quality standards- wage standards

wages; protectionism

financial standards; human tolerance

the cost of capital; prices

tariff barriers; oil costs

QUESTION 6 Studies have found a good reputation for corporate social responsibility to be

a cover for major corporate misdeeds.

negatively associated with long-term profits.

a complete replacement for paid advertising.

a good recruiting tool for talented people.

a major drain on corporate finances.

QUESTION 7 Why does working in teams result in enhanced performance?

Waste and errors are spread across multiple individuals

Managers lower their performance standards.

Teams pool individual efforts in new ways and strive for continuous improvement.

Team members spend less time in direct contact with customers.

Taller hierarchies improve communication processes.

QUESTION 8 Jolene boasts that the members of her work group like one another and really stick together when things get difficult. Her work group can be described as






QUESTION 9 What describes a group likely to be victimized by groupthink?

A participative and open-minded leader

Very cohesive

Very large

Open to outside “expert” opinions

Made up of independent thinkers

QUESTION 10 The best reason to create teams in an organization is because

the competition is also implementing teams.

teams are always well received by employees.

they can increase productivity almost immediately.

teams make sense for that organization.

teams are increasing in popularity.

QUESTION 11 Employers are ____________ for the acts of their supervisors if they knew about or should have known about an act of sexual harassment but did not take action to resolve the harassment.

not liable

sometimes liable

totally liable

mostly liable

only partially liable

QUESTION 12 Affirmative action programs involve hiring of women or minorities

in proportion to their representation in the relevant labor market

according to the quotas established by law

in greater numbers

according to existing Executive Orders

in equal numbers

QUESTION 13 Which of the following is NOT a human resource management function?


human resource research


training and development


QUESTION 14 The basic purpose of human resources in both large and small firms is

to assure that payroll is met.

quite different.

slightly different.

the same.

variable from year to year.