PR 5

  Project Instructions
Project: Professional Development Plan
Before you began your specialization courses, you set goals for your professional development in EDUC 3101: Professionalism and Advocacy in the Early Childhood Field. At that time, you identified specific competencies you wanted to focus on in order to increase your professional growth and explained how you planned to raise your level of knowledge and skill in each of these three competencies. Since you completed this assignment, you have taken all of your specialization courses and learned a great deal more about yourself, young children and their families, and the field of early childhood/child development.
Take time now to collect your thoughts regarding:
What you know about child development and effective early childhood practice Knowledge, skills, and dispositions essential to quality professionals Areas in which you need to grow Jobs that interest you Job-related skills you have and those you need to improve You will apply this thinking as you complete your Professional Development Plan. For this assignment, download, complete, and submit your plan:
Professional Development Plan