Powerpoint Report Scenario: You are the CEO of Peace & Prosperity Hospital, statistics homework help

Scenario: You are the CEO of Peace & Prosperity Hospital. As part of your duties, you are tasked to give a brief annual report to hospital administrators and managers. Your report focuses on cost, inpatient census, and patient satisfaction. You will create a brief PowerPoint presentation (no more than 10 slides) to illustrate the data for each topic. Data can be found in the file attached below titled “ Project Data”. Use this data to create appropriate graphs to be inserted in the PowerPoint presentation.

PART I:Slide #1 should represent an introductory slide, giving the title of the presentation, facility, and presenters.Slide #2 should provide an introduction to the three topics; cost, inpatient census, and patient satisfaction.Slide #3-4: Create and present a column graph of actual profit over the 12 months in the previous year. Add a line to the graph to show target profit (Note: Target profit is based on historical data used to determine budgeting for the year.) Discuss the data.Slide #5-6: Create and present a column graph to illustrate hospital inpatient census over the same time period. Make sure key comments describing the data are included in the slides. Discuss trends seen in the data and any noticeable skew in the data.Slides #7-8: These slides will focus on patient satisfaction.Create and present a chart to show patient satisfaction per department.Describe your findings. What are your goals for the future?The last slide is dedicated to conclusions.