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question 1

The Green Mountain Resort case is a perfect one for us to work together as a class on the different images for change and how they are reflected (or could have been reflected) in that case. We will cover multiple facets of this throughout the week but to start, let’s talk about the role that Gunter plays in our case study this week. For our opening posts, pick one or two of the following (or debate with your classmates):

1. Which image of leader do you see Gunter best fitting into? Why do you think this?
2. How did Gunter use that image to “lead” the company through this change?
3. Which image do you think YOU would have selected to lead the company through the change, and how would this have been better than how Gunter led the change?

Question 2

Let’s talk about each leadership image (navigator, nurturer, caretaker, director, interpreter). What kinds of change would each of these work the best for? What not so good? What change management “image” or style would you choose and why?

Question 3

How do the “pressures for change” we talked about last week appear in the Green Mountain case? Are they used for positive change or negative in the case?

Question 4

The textbook talks about many types of “change.” Here is a list of many of the “types”: first order, second order, anticipatory, reactive, adaptive, tuning, adaptation, reorientation, recreation, midroad, tectonic, incremental, transformational, downsizing, technological, mergers and acquisitions. It is all quite overwhelming, really. Our goal this week is to gain clarity and understanding of the differences among the types of changes.

Consider the company you have selected (or one of them you are still choosing between) and discuss a recent change which has occurred at that organization. Pick which “type” of change you would say that change was, and why. Utilize the course textbook as the start for analyzing the theory of the change. Explain the theory of the change.

Do you agree with the change which the company has decided to take? Let’s get started, and we will be addressing more questions about this throughout the week. Further, feel free to debate/discuss your classmates’ project/company findings with them as well.

Question 5

Give more details about how this change has impacted the organization you are studying. Do you think that more than one type of change occurred in the organization than the one you originally stated? If so, what other changes might be going on at the same time?

Question 6

How did the pressures for change which we studied last week create this change? Did the type of pressure impact what actually changed in your organization you are studying or researching? State the pressure type and why you think it changed the company. Was it a positive or negative change?