Personal Experience/One Day Diary

 How can you be more sustainable? Make a journal of your personal habits for one day. How much and what type of food do you eat? How much water do you use? Do you recycle? What type of car do you drive? How much gas do you consume in a week? Do you bike or walk often? Do you turn off lights when not in use? Do you use compact fluorescents? Do you turn off your computer and other appliances when not in use? Do you purchase green or organic products? Pick one of your “unsustainable” practices. Set a sustainability goal for one day and try to achieve it. What were the obstacles associated with accomplishing your goal. How did you feel? Do you achieve what you set out to do? Why or why not? Write a two (2) page paper detailing the sustainability of your personal practices, the goal you set and your personal reflection on your ability to accomplish the goal