Overview- Produce a photoshoot for your chosen luxury level brand


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Overview- Produce a photoshoot for your chosen luxury level brand including 4 editorially focused images and 1 more advertising/commercially lead image (see attachments)

From the research you have conducted on the luxury brand produce a 1000-word production proposal with key visuals including:

A 500 word concept statement detailing the narrative of the images and how it relates to the brand codes.

A 500 word production document detailing ideas and rationale for the following aspects of the shoot:
Photography style
Final photoshoot images laid out in an editorial style

From the final photoshoot produce a 1000 word reflective analysis including visuals detailing areas of production and execution of your 4 editorial images and what publication this may be aligned to, the 1 advertising image and its commercial qualities, include how you technically produced the shoot, editing processes including visuals of selections and editing, analyse the brand codes and the brands consumer and evaluate the what why and how you intended to communicate with the brands consumer.

my brand is saint Laurent.