Organisation Planning

Description:My organization is TAKEDA PHARMACEUTICALS

Clear problem/opportunity statement of the project

Relevance to the selected organization

What components of Strategic Intent will be strengthened as a result

What is the positive impact of the project in terms of business development and sustainability

What would the impact be if the project is NOT undertaken

If there is an impact(s) on customers, suppliers and/or stakeholders who is impacted and what is the impact

How will employees be impacted by the project and what will be the general reaction

What is the desired outcome and how will you measure success

Identify at least 3 metrics you will use to measure success

Identify, by title, 2 key people in your organization whose support will be critical and how you will gain their support

For each of those 2 people describe “what is in it for them”

Atlease 2 sources not older than 5 years in APA format