Option 2 "Pieces of the Past"

Discussion: Unit 4 – Option 2 “Pieces of the Past” Attached Files: Transcript of STONEHENGE National Geographic.rtf (42.982 KB )  Transcript of Cradles of Civ Ziggurat.rtf (54.837 KB ) Option 2 “Pieces of the Past” 


1. View the videos and read the article found at the links below. 

On Stonehenge:https ://www .khanacademy .org /humanities/prehistoric-art/neolithic-art/a/stonehenge https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=OpHTrG 4fZLE   *Captions not edited.  See attached Transcript of Stonehenge National Geographic.RTF. 

On the Ziggurat :https ://www .youtube .com/watch?v=TTsSJ -3rf 4Q   *Captions not edited.  See attached Transcript of Cradles of Civ Ziggurat.RTF. 

On the Pyramids at Giza:https ://www .khanacademy .org /humanities/ancient-art-civilizations/egypt -art/predynastic -old-kingdom/a/old-kingdom-the-great-pyramids-of-giza

 2. These three amazing structures come from three different time periods and cultures.  Yet there are many similarities between the three structures.  After viewing the videos and article above, go to Discussion Board forum Unit 4 and  discuss the similarities you see with reference to:Construction techniques and materials.Purpose or function of the structure.Relationship to religious beliefs and/or astronomical phenomenon.