Object-Oriented Data Modelling, computer science homework help

Object-Oriented Data Modelling

In this type of data modelling data is treated as object.

In the paper I will give an introduction to object-oriented data modeling, Association, generalization, and aggregation relationships; cardinalities and other types of constraints; polymorphism; and inheritance.

Object oriented data modelling is different from relational database. It has many advantages over DBMS.

It is efficient in supporting more complex data architecture

• It facilitates efficient communication and data representation among the different levels of organizational structure.

• Increased consistency and robustness.

• Reusable data objects

Submit 5-7 page research paper regarding an aspect of data management for the above.

Requirements:APA format should be followed in regard to the completion of this paper. It should be APA 6.0 format.A minimum of three references should be used and identified in body of paper.