I want an integrated video for evacuation

It is important to have a video

The decision for you

Three minutes is enough for a big topic like an evacuation topic

This is an educational activity

For the presence of a fire …. for the presence of a bomb.  Gas leak .. Biological attack .. Building collapse

The evacuation process involves several points

I want to get out of the idea we should have enough training to deal with these things

I want the work to be huge and comprehensive

Comprehensive and most important universities and laboratories because of the presence of chemicals and biological

Awareness of these things and the importance of having a plan to evacuate this summary of the video

The important video will be shown on the university screens

I want to add a point to the video.

The sound of the alarm bell because of incense

Makes a man get used to the sound of the alarm

This is very dangerous

If there is a real danger people will think

Incense and not fire

sample video link