Need help with this learning activity.

Need help with this homework. Please use class material at least two references.Step 1: Using lists of KM skills listed in the readings (TFPL in particular) or your own research (adequately cited), identify 10 key KM skills for a middle-level KM professional (not the CKO).Step 2: Find 2 recently posted Knowledge Manager position announcements. If you can’t find one easily let me know and I’ll send you one. I collect them daily to study trends in the profession.Step 3: Provide a side-by-side comparison of the skills (TFPL vs. job postings). Step 4: Share any relevant insights based on this comparison.


Some links to recent KM job postings to help you out:Knowledge Management Specialist (Insight Systems)Knowledge Coordinator (World Bank)Knowledge Manager/SharePoint Manager (Booz Allen Hamilton)

Class Material

Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, England, Chapter 10 The KM Team

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Preparing for a new era of knowledge

Knowledge Audit: Overview and Sample Questionnaire

Managing Codified Knowledge