Need help with short learning activity

Need help with learning activity. Please use class material but also free to use other references to make it easier.

Class material:

Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, EnglandChapter 8 Knowledge Management Tools

Alavi, M. & Leidner, E. (2001), Knowledge management and knowledge management systems: conceptual foundations and research issues. MIS Quarterly, 25(1), 107- 136

Knowledge Management Tools and Techniques Manual

A Healthcare Marketer’s Guide to Mobile Apps

Learning Activity #1 Select 5 or more tools and techniques (you can find enough in the 2010 KM Tools and Techniques document) that would complement each other in an organization to ensure a dynamic flow of knowledge from elicitation, capture, storage, sharing, dissemination, utilization,… in other words, the entire knowledge cycle;Explain how each of the tools or techniques you selected contributes to the knowledge flows and to learning;

Be strategic. You can’t do everything. Think about costs, ROI, etc… (speculate if you have to but be clear about your assumptions).

A visual might be helpful. In presentations, I often contrast KM approaches that emphasize collection (knowledge assets/stocks) to KM approaches that emphasize flow and dynamic learning.

Learning Activity #2

To continue your individual reflection and think about how Knowledge Management applies in your life, visit Jane Hart’s Modern Professional Learner’s Toolkit for 2018.What tools are you currently using?What tools could you explore in 2018?