Need a writer to write about Management

Need a writer to write about Management Reflection (assignment 8) (Final Paper)

The comprehensive paper is 4 pages long. It is imperative in leadership and management positions that you understand what type of a leader you are. The assignment will help you to reflect on what type of leader you are, your management philosophies and what you have gained throughout this course to support your abilities in leadership and management. Your final paper should address the following main topic areas:
1) Introduction

2) Your Management philosophy

3) How have your beliefs/thoughts on management changed throughout the semester

4) What do you believe managers provide to a company

5) What are the traits that you feel companies should look for in a manager – do you have those qualities?

6) The Conclusion

* Increase paper readability by using headers to organize your thoughts and create a better flow.

The final self development paper should be reflective in nature however, should also clearly cite managerial theory and give proper credit to the original authors. APA Style should be used. 1” margins, 12 font (Times New Roman), title page, headers used in appendix and body and running header.

Principle of Management Edition 8 For Chuck William

Also need a PowerPoint presentation about

Refer to the Final Paper rubric.

Leadership Presentation

You will choose an individual that you see as a leader. You will answer seven questions based on your research of the individual. You will need to provide a conclusion that includes your own personal leadership philosophy and whether the leader you chose subscribes to the same. Each student will have a maximum of 6 minutes to present their leader. A PowerPoint presentation is expected.

1.What Leader did you choose and why?

2.What type of leadership style do you believe he/she exhibits?

3.How do you believe others adapt to his/her leadership style?

4.What were his or her major accomplishments?

5.Why do you think he/she was successful?

6.What do you think was the most important decision(s) he/she made?

7.What advice do you believe this individual might give to you regarding leadership?