Need 3-4 paragraph with each question with their respective reference under each solution

Question 1. Career Management System

Why is career management an important element of any organization? How would you go about designing a career management system? What employees and positions should be included in this system?

Question 2. Career Path

Why do employees plateau? How could you help a plateaued employee? Discuss the characteristics of a plateaued employee who might resist your help.

Question 3 Employee Retention

You were asked in the You Decide scenario this week to choose an option to improve employee morale. Which option did you choose, and why? How might employee development impact turnover? Explain your answ

Question 4 Change Management

In a fast-paced work environment, technology and processes are constantly changing. What challenges have you faced on the job related to organizational change? How did you handle those changes? What recommendations might you give to a team that is facing a major organizational change? How does change management link to meeting strategic goals?