MIS201 SEU Apple Merging Technology Business & Entertainment Case Study paper

Assignment Details

Prepare an in-depth analysis of four case studies during the semester. Here are some guidelines: This is an individual assessment, which is a part from your course score. It requires effort and critical thinkingThis assignment will worth 25 mark (Case Study Questions 15 Marks/ Presentation 10 Marks)Answer all the questions listed below for each case.The ‘answers’ to the questions are best formulated by reviewing the case and the reading materials up and including the current week in the course.The questions are worded to help you apply the readings to the case, so don’t limit yourself to the case’s terminology and perspective. The best analysis will abstract the case content by applying the reading materials to draw broader lessons about the materialAs for the Presentation you should summarize your analysis of only one case study in a set of PowerPoint slides