Minor Project

Watch “Bigger than Enron”

Based on the concepts and applications found in the Hunt text, what happened that allowed Enron’s obstruction of justice? What strategic HR concepts were mismanaged and by whom? What types of positions were or were not put into place that helped to support Enron’s injustice? What incentives were extended and to whom that allowed for the employees’ integrity to be impeded? What role could strategic HR processes have played in keeping this infraction from taking place and how? What biblical principles could have been implemented to keep this disaster from happening?

Create a PPT answering the above questions and adding your own critical thinking to the process of how this event (in terms of Hunt’s strategic HR standards and processes) could have helped this catastrophe to have been avoided. Be sure to use proper APA format, citations and references. Create this PPT as though you would be presenting it to the ethics board of your organization. Create a minimum of 6 slides. and in APA format with in-text citations.