Microbiology help please! 21 questions. Can you answer these?

Know the classification system of all organismsKnow the chemistry part like protons, neutron, electrons and what they distinguish/do.Know the different types bonds between molecules and, how and what they formKnow the basic classifications of macronutrients, macromolecules and some typical membersKnow the contributions of various scientists to microbiology and microbial pathologyKnow what endospores do and why they go into the spore stageKnow the basics of stains and staining techniques- Gram, Acid-Fast, simple vs differentialKnow the various shapes and groupings (arrangements) of bacteria Know some basic components in bacteria- what specifically makes them up? Ribosome type?Know which motility or attachment structures eukaryotes vs prokaryotes have?Know what microscopes have the greatest visual capacity to see really small thingsKnow some characteristics about plasmids (p.76 prokaryote diagram).Know the different ways ATP is made.Know competitive vs non-competitive inhibitionEnzymes functions and what can alter itKnow the metabolic pathways- main ones discussed- how is each uniqueKnow the purposes of fixing slides, what does counterstaining doKnow the functions of each organelleHow does oxidative phosphorylation work, what is substrate level phosphorylation.A DNA vs RNA nucleotide- how different, various compomoents. Know some differences (chart) between Gram + vs – bacteria.