Microbes Journal

Microbes are ubiquitous – in fact all organisms, exist in a state of dynamic equilibrium with microorganisms. Many aspects of normal organismal development require the establishment of relationships with benign microbes. In addition to interacting with organisms, microbes also interact with the environment, and rescue us from the wastes and pollutants that we create.

Write a reflective journal on the interaction of Microbes with humans and the environment. You can use the following link to acquaint yourself with the microbiome: http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/microbiome/

Reflect on how the microbes are relevant in your life. How do microbes work with your body? How do your daily activities affect the microbes that shape your immune response during health and disease? In addition to your body, reflect on the role microbes play in the health of the environment and how our actions influence that equilibrium.

Pick a different area of interaction to reflect on each week – for example one week reflect on normal microbiota, another week reflect on how microbes are used in the environment or how the antibiotics prescribed to you for a sinus infection last week could have affected your microbiota, etc. These topics are just examples to guide you-you are welcome to reflect on other questions you come up with as you progress through this course.

For this week’s journal, you need to have at least a minimum of 200 words

No Plagiarism

note: first describe the “talking point” from something you read from a textbook or an article .